5 Must-Read Blog Posts on How to Control Your Time

I’m speaking at a conference next week on the topic: How to Control Your Time: Four Powerful, Proven Steps to Taming Your Task Lists. To prepare for this talk, I reviewed some of the things I’ve written on the subject over the past two years, and I thought I would share the very best with you.

Here are five must-read blog posts on this important topic:

1. Time Management is Broken Beyond Repair

Traditional time management says this: Do you have 10 things to do today? I can show you how to do 15. Do you have 15 things to do today? I can show you how to do 20. But what happens when you have 30, 40, and even 50 things to do in a day like we do now? No amount of efficiency can get this much done in a day.

Read about the very different approach I take to time management summarized in this one word: pruning.

2. All Tasks Are NOT Created Equal

I know it sounds very un-American, but its true. All tasks are NOT created equal! Knowing which tasks are the most important for you to do and which tasks you need to get rid of is critical to controlling your time. This is a follow-up article to the previous post about pruning, presenting some very practical steps of action on how to do it.

3. Two Digital Distractions That Will Destroy Your Days

You may have the very best of intentions when it comes to controlling your time, but fall off the wagon easily. Two things can cause this: email and electronic media. In this blog post I lay out some helpful steps of action to keep these two digital distractions from destroying your days.

4. The High Cost of Continuous Partial Attention

If you’re not convinced that digital distractions are destroying your days after reading the previous post, you will be after reading this one. Here’s the latest research from former Microsoft executive, Linda Stone, on what she calls “continuous partial attention” and some ways to keep the very addictive drug of adrenaline from ruining your business and your life.

5. Yes, You are Your First Priority

“Isn’t all this talk about controlling my time just a little bit selfish?” I can hear you saying to yourself right now. “As a leader shouldn’t I be selfless and sacrificial?” I can also hear you saying. Well … yes and no.

Find out why you must “put your own oxygen mask on first” to be effective as a leader today and how to go about doing that on a consistent basis.