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The Angry Leader: Critical Lessons from C-Suite Meltdowns

It started with an earthquake. Then came the tsunami. A giant 50-foot wave overwhelmed the seawall at the Fukushima Power Plant and flooded generators cooling the cores. In rapid succession, three nuclear reactors melted down. That tragic event happened five years ago this month. Thousands lost their lives and the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl […]

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Do Your Metrics Matter? Four Critical Questions

I’ve never met a business leader who’d actually say, “Oh no, metrics don’t matter to me.” Have you? I didn’t think so. So why ask the question, “Do your metrics matter?” Because I’ve found the way most business leaders operate is like they’re practical atheists when it comes to metrics. I know, I know that’s […]

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Nail Your Next Presentation: Tell a Great Story

At some point in your leadership life, if you haven’t already, you’ll be called on to make a big presentation. And that presentation will be critically important to your being perceived as a serious leader, your being promoted to a higher paying position, your closing a lucrative deal, or all of the above. How do […]

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