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Are You A Dreamer, A Driver, or A Doer?

It takes three things to be successful in business: sound strategy, sure tactics, and consistent execution. Like fence posts planted in the ground, when these three are aligned, you have success in sight. Rarely, however, are all three in place. I have discovered from nearly a decade of consulting that most business leaders–from start-up entrepreneurs […]

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Why I Hate the Words “Buy-In”

A consulting project I worked on a few years back involved assembling a sales team from the ground up for a start-up technology firm. We hired two national sales reps and turned one existing employee into a sales rep as well. Before one of our weekly meetings, the guys were discussing a document the CEO […]

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What Kind of Authority Do You Have as a Leader?

There are two kinds of authority leaders possess: positional authority and relational authority. Positional authority is the authority that comes from title, rank, and status. It’s the authority you get from the hierarchy of an organization. Relational authority is different. It’s the authority that comes from the trust and respect of others. It cannot be […]

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