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Four Fatal Sales Coaching Flaws

The sales role, unlike any other business profession, is critically dependent on sales coaching. Successful selling today, much like playing a round of golf, has dozens of intersecting challenges that make it difficult to do well. That’s why the best golfers, and the best sellers, have great coaches who help them get to the top […]

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The One Question NEVER to Ask in Sales 

It’s the one question never to ask in sales. Not that it’s a bad question. In its day I’m sure it was quite serviceable. Perhaps, even, insightful. But not any more.  Ask this question and you’ll get rolled eyes and blank stares. You’ll look like every other sales leach prowling the planet, and you won’t […]

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Stop Using ABC and Start Using ABG

Classic sales dogma says this: ABC. Always be closing. If you’re still following that acronym, please stop. Now. You’re ruining sales for the rest of us. Replace it with this: ABG. Always be giving. ABG Versus ABC Here are four critical differences between ABG and ABC: Always be giving starts by providing important, valuable information […]

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