Sales Force Consulting

You’ve got a tough job being the head of sales. I know, because I’ve been one myself. You get pressure from above asking you for more and more business, and you get pressure from below asking you for more discounts, more headcount, more time off, whatever.


These are the secrets to a successful sales organization. If you don’t learn them, you’ll experience a perpetual revenue rollercoaster, constant turnover, and career stagnation.

I work with heads of sales in organizations large and small who aspire to become the best at what they do, hit their number, and grow their people.

A sales consulting project will help your managers master these four essentials of Successful Sales Leadership:

  • Motivation: Connect with the salespeople who work for them, uncover their unique passion, and use that passion to inspire them to sell at the height levels of excellence.
  • Mobilization: Learn how to coach salespeople at any level of development to master the process goals they need to achieve to meet or exceed their performance goals.
  • Multiplication: Recruit and hire the very best sales talent and become the sales organization top performers want to work for.
  • Reliable Revenue: Build a consistent stream of reliable sales revenue, instead of the exhausting rollercoaster you’re on right now.


  1. Clear Up-Front Assessment: You wouldn’t trust a doctor who wrote a prescription before making a diagnosis, would you? That’s why my consulting engagements begin with understanding exactly what’s going on in your sales organization, from process to talent, span of control to quota attainment (both past and present).
  2. Customized Leadership Development: No two of my engagements are alike because no two sales organization are alike. Based on my up-front assessment, I’ll customize a development program for your leaders that’s specifically designed for the context of your company.
  3. People and Performance: Sales organizations err on either side of this equation. They focus on relationships and the expense of results, or the exact opposite. Neither works. Throughout our entire engagement, I’ll help you build respectful, professional relationships with your salespeople that will, over time, achieve world class results. Not one or the other, but both at the same time.
  4. Regular Ongoing Communication: Typically, a client signs a consulting contract and never hears from that person again, until an invoice is presented for payment. That’s not how I work. I believe in staying connected with my clients—even adjusting our original objectives—to get the very best out of every project.