Team JOHN: Final Quiz


TEAM John, Final Sales Hiring Quiz

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Why is it so hard to hire good salespeople?

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According to Topgrading, the cost of a bad sales hire is:

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The Cycle of Sales Hiring Success in the correct order is:

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Trusted leaders make the sales hiring process easier because the best salespeople want to work for them.

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A Sales Position Scorecard is critical to successful sales hiring because:

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The narrative aspect of narrative-historical interviewing involves:

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Which of the following questions is not a narrative interviewing question?

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Asking how to spell a previous supervisor's name is a subtle trick for eliciting greater candor about the nature of the relationship.

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Potential, personality, and reputation are the most accurate predictors of success in sales and not past performance.

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Historical interviewing questions ask about actual events in a candidate's past work experience.

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Which of the following questions is an historical interviewing question?

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Which of the following questions is NOT an historical interviewing question?

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"Are you a team player?" is an example of:

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Requesting a candidate to arrange reference interviews:

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Resumes (CV's) are completely useless in the sales hiring process.

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What is not a secret to scoring a resume:

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Which of the following are hiring red flags to be alert to:

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The DISC personality profile is:

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An aptitude assessment is useful for sales hiring if:

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The sales hiring training we have taken from Bill Zipp is the best hiring training I have ever taken in my life. In fact, it may be the best training ever, anywhere on the face of the earth!

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