Sales Strategy

As a senior leader, you feel stuck. You want more sales. You need more sales, but nothing seems to be working right now. One sales team does things one way and another team does them a totally different way. Neither delivers enough deals.

Sure, you’ve got a set sales process—on paper at least—and an expensive CRM, but those don’t work very well either.

Why is this happening? Here’s why: Sales strategy and sales process are two totally different things, just like a ladder and the wall it’s leaning on are two totally different things.

I take a different approach to sales, a strategic approach that views all activity through three lenses: Who, Why, and How.

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Salespeople could faithfully follow the steps of your sales process—meticulously entering all the data into your CRM—and still end up in completely the wrong place, because they’re climbing up the wrong wall.

When you rigorously apply Who, Why, and How to your sales organization, the most amazing things happens. Your leaders have a clear focus to manage to. Your sellers have a clear path forward to execution. And revenue generation, held back by extraneous things to do, soars.

Better Sales Strategy:

  • Aligns the critical goals of the business with the day-to-day activities of your sales force. You would be shocked (or maybe not) how rare alignment like this is.
  • Focuses the energy of your sales leaders on managing the activities that matter most to the business and your salespeople on doing the things that matter most as well.
  • Generates a consistent stream of reliable top line revenue, instead of the exhausting rollercoaster you’re experiencing right now.
  • Compensates your salespeople in a way that works for both the business and individual sellers, not choosing the false alternative of one or the other.


Yeah, I know, everyone and their brother, uncle and cousin calls themselves a sales strategist right now. What makes me different? Glad you asked, here are four things:

  1. Collaboration: The first thing I do in building a better sales strategy is involve the people on the frontlines who are selling successfully for your firm. Listening to those who already doing good work is the best place to get started (and the only place to build buy-in for later). In other words, I don’t come down from the mountaintop with a sales plan written in tablets of stone (That’s didn’t work out so well for Moses, did it?).
  2. Focus: I’ve observed that most salespeople are drowning in things to do, deluged by data. They’re given ten activities to complete one day, then a different ten the next day, and so on. This stretches their limited time and energy an inch deep and a mile wide across the marketplace. Here’s a central tenet of my work: less is more. Together we’ll focus your sales organization like a laser, an inch wide and a mile (or two or three miles) deep, on the critical activities that need to get done repeatedly.
  3. Implementation: Speaking of getting things done, I’ve seen expensive sales playbooks, filled with colorful slides and fancy videos, completely ignored by sales managers and their teams. This happens partly because sales managers and their teams didn’t have a hand in creating them (See Item #1 above) and partly because when the playbook was done the project was done. What a waste! I’ll work with you to see your sales strategy through to completion, achieving full implementation. Said is not done. Done is done.
  4. Experience: Okay, this isn’t a fancy way to say I’m old. I’m not a kid any more, for sure, and that’s a good thing because I have the experience that good strategy work needs. I really don’t know how someone in their 30’s and 40’s can claim to be a sales strategist. I’ve been at this game for decades (and decades) and seen lots of gimmicks come and go. This allows me to create a plan that’ll stand the test of time, and, most importantly, make more money for you and your firm

So let’s set an appointment, talk about the challenges you’re facing right now, and explore if working together on a sales strategy initiative might make sense for you.