Training for Frontline Sales Leaders

I get it. You’re great at sales, but being a great sales leader is much harder than you ever thought.

The salespeople who work for you aren’t you. They aren’t motivated by the things that motivate you and they don’t sell the way you sell.

Doing everything yourself to hit your number, like you are right now, will burn you out even more. There’s got to be better way! Here it is:


Motivate. Mobilize. Multiply. These are the secrets to a successful sales leadership. If you don’t learn them, you’ll experience a perpetual revenue rollercoaster, constant turnover, and career stagnation.

I work with frontline sales managers and first time sales managers who aspire to become better leaders, grow their people, and hit their number.

Sales leadership development will help you:

  • Connect with the salespeople who work for you so they trust and respect you as a leader.
  • Discover the unique passion of each person on your team and use that passion to inspire them to sell at the highest levels of excellence.
  • Coach your salespeople at any level of development to master the skills they need to hit quota and make club.
  • Hire and keep the very best sales talent and become a leader top performers want to work for (and never leave).
  • Generate a consistent flow of reliable sales income, instead of the exhausting rollercoaster you’re experiencing right now.


  1. Up-Front Assessment: You wouldn’t trust a doctor who wrote a prescription before making a diagnosis, would you? That’s why my leadership development engagements begin by understanding what’s going on in your sales organization and, based on your input, builds a program that’s customized to your context.
  2. High Intensity Interactive Training: That’s right HIIT, or at least my version of it. I believe in active learning and deliver on that promise with fast moving presentations, competitive games, practical stories, and interactive exercises. You blink, and the day’s over. Really!
  3. Real Work in the Room: My approach to leadership development incorporates the challenges your managers face every day as a core part of the curriculum (instead of theoretical case studies). As a result, your people will do real work in the room, and become better leaders live, in-the-moment.
  4. Follow-up Accountability: It’s too easy to let a one-day training program be a one-off anomaly, with everything forgotten by Monday. Built into my engagements are supporting resources, ongoing field work, and follow-up leadership labs. This accountability maximizes your training investment and powerfully impacts top line revenue.