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The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook has been forged in the fires of decades of sales leadership and is packed with real, proven content that will change your career forever.

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The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook by Bill Zipp

Sales leadership advice is abundant, but wisdom is rare. This book is packed with wisdom.

Jim Gallic | Regional Vice President, Welltok

Bill’s approach to sales leadership is spot on. More importantly, he’s real. His heart’s on every page.

Candace Horton | Global Enablement, SAP Concur

Bill keeps it real, providing simple, practical, and effective ways to lead your salespeople. No fluff!

Chris Brantman | Division Vice President, ADP Major Accounts

Top Line Revenue: Your Top Priority

There’s no getting around it. Generating top line revenue is the highest priority of any sales leader. It’s how you’re evaluated, how you’re compensated, and how any chance for promotion will come your way.

It’s just as simple as that.

But generating top line revenue as a sales leader isn’t easy, because you’re not the one producing it. Sure, when you were a salesperson, you just made more calls and closed more deals. You can’t do that now, though, or at least not for long before burning out completely.

To generate top line revenue, you’ve got to convince other people to do it. Strong, intense, emotional salespeople. And that’s where the rub comes. How in the world do you do that?

Here’s how: effective sales leadership and focused sales strategy. These are the secrets to success in sales. Keep reading and I’ll explain how both work.



I get it. You’re great at sales, but being a great sales leader is much harder than you ever thought.

The salespeople who work for you aren’t you. They aren’t motivated by the things that motivate you and they don’t sell the way you sell.

Working harder and longer to hit the number, like you’re doing right now, will burn out you and your team even more. There’s got to be better way.



As a senior leader you feel stuck. You want more sales. You need more sales, but nothing seems to be working right now.

One sales team does things one way and another team does them a totally different way. Neither delivers enough deals. It drives you crazy!

Sure, you’ve got a set sales process—on paper at least—and an expensive CRM, but those don’t work very well either. There’s got to be better way.

I’m a raving fan of Bill Zipp! If you want your sales leaders to transform your business, Bill is your man. He’s a superb speaker and coach.



The world needs better leaders.

The world needs you.

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Most sales managers know how to sell, but they don’t know how to lead. Most CEO’s know how to run a business, but they don’t know how to run a sales organization.

Bill Zipp helps busy CEO’s, heads of sales, and frontline managers become better leaders, grow their people, and hit their number.

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