I help hardworking sales managers

become better leaders, grow their people, and hit their number.

Become a Better
Sales Leader

Empower Your

Achieve World-Class

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You’re working harder than ever, but nothing's working.

Too many sales managers struggle to hit their number year after year because they inherited old-school sales systems and management techniques that don’t work.

Are you struggling with:

Unreliable revenue generation
Constant discounting pressure
Wildly inaccurate forecasting
Costly sales rep turnover
Sales manager burnout

Isn't it time for a change?

You don’t have a sales problem,

You’ve got a people problem.

Sales organizations fail because they don’t have the leaders in place to ensure success.

Let’s change that.

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Executive Coaching
for Sales Leaders

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Sales Leadership

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The Ultimate Sales
Manager Playbook

Being a sales leader is hard.

It’s time to make it a little bit easier.
Rea Shanahan Headshot

"Bill is an expert who deeply understands the business. He helped see clearly around some corners that allowed us to accelerate our sales more effectively."

Rae Shanahan, Chief Strategy Officer at Businesssolver

My people-centered approach to performance helps busy sales leaders

Stop enforcing and
Start empowering their teams

Together, we’ll help you become a better leader, grow your salespeople, and hit your number.
There’s a reason the companies I’ve worked with achieve double-digit growth.
(And some have tripled topline revenue.)

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1. Motivate

Connect with your salespeople so they trust you completely and give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.

2. Mobilize

Coach your salespeople to execute your company’s sales process at the highest levels of excellence.

3. Multiply

Transform your hiring, onboarding, and promoting practices to achieve sustained sales success.

Stop pressing the more button

More calls, more meetings, more discounts, more headcount. And zero results.
Discover a radically different way to drive revenue growth, not from the outside in but from the inside out.

I help sales managers become better leaders.

You used to be a successful salesperson. Then you were asked to use those skills to lead a team of sales reps to be as successful as you were.

Now you’re stuck.

Selling directly on your own is vastly different than selling through other people, and you’re not hitting your number for the first time in your career.

Stop! There’s too much at stake to rely on old-school sales systems and management techniques that just don’t work.

It’s time for a change.

My people-centered approach to performance helps hardworking sales managers like yourself motivate and mobilize their teams, driving double-digit revenue growth year after year.

Ready to crack the sales leadership code?

Smart sales leaders know when to put up their hands and ask for help.
Everyone else keeps grinding it out on their own.

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1. Explore

Get clear on your
sales objectives

Hand holding sprout icon

2. Expand

Develop leaders who
grow their people

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3. Execute

Achieve sustained
sales success

You deserve to see all your hard work pay off

The choice is yours.

Be the leader who cracks the code to empowered salespeople and long-term sales success.

Or keep working yourself to the bone, edging toward burnout and missing out on time with the people you love the most.

What’s your leadership legacy going to be?

Here's what my clients have to say...

Cassie Petrie Headshot

"I wanted to become a visionary leader, but didn’t know how. I struggled with building followership and generating revenue. After six months with Bill, our revenue dramatically increased and more importantly, I had a team that trusted me as their leader."

"When your team trusts you, they'll walk through fire with you. The results have been extraordinary. We’ve become the number one sales team in the UK, we retain talent with ease and our sales execs have gone on to have exceptional careers within our company."

— Cassie Petrie, Head of New Business Acquisition, SAP Concur, UK & I

Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook Photo

Here is a proven, step-by-step approach to sales leadership success.

Discover how to establish trust, provide praise, coach brilliantly, and build a winning culture. Then, multiply your success in others by hiring well and promoting wisely.

The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook has been forged in the fires of decades of sales leadership and is packed with real, proven content that will change your career forever.

Because every salesperson deserves a great sales manager