​Being a sales leader is hard.

​It’s time to make it a little bit easier.

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Sales Leader Core

Start transforming your sales managers with this leadership development program focused on the central disciplines of leading a successful sales team. Select six chapters from The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook and dive into each together as a group. Weekly or monthly sessions in this program include six 45-minute webinars, free copies of Bill’s book, videos, worksheets, quizzes, and practical follow-up exercises, with a dedicated web resource page for the group.

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Sales Leader Deep Dive

Take your sales management team on a deeper dive with this twelve-session leadership development program. Work through Bill’s entire book together, The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook, from building trust and creating a winning sales culture, to coaching skillfully, hiring well, and promoting wisely. Weekly or monthly sessions in this program include twelve 45-minute webinars, free copies of Bill’s book, videos, worksheets, quizzes, and practical follow-up exercises,  with a dedicated web resource page for the group.

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Sales Leader Cohort

Totally transform your sales management team with this powerful combination of group facilitation and individual coaching. Iron sharpens iron in this unique peer-to-peer and one-on-one setting over the course of six months with six monthly 45-minute webinars, six monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, practical follow-up exercises, and a dedicated web page packed with podcasts, videos, worksheets, ebooks, and slide decks. This is a perfect program for leaders making the challenging transition from frontline sales manager to manager of sales managers.

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Executive Coaching for Sales Leaders

The ultimate in sales leadership development, executive coaching is an intensive, collaborative relationship focused on maximizing your effectiveness and impact, both personally and professionally. Utilizing the latest assessment tools, this program meets every other week one-on-one over the course of six months to a year (or more). Additionally, during this entire engagement you have on demand access to Bill for in-between coaching session check-ins.

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"Over the last few years, I’ve delivered millions of dollars in compensation, stock, and retention bonuses, but without a doubt I’ve received more thank you emails from renewing our executive coaching engagement than anything else! That’s so awesome and clearly demonstrates you’re hitting the mark."

— Brent LaBathe, Global Head of Sales at SAP Concur

Ready to crack the sales leadership code?

Smart sales leaders know when to put up their hands and ask for help.
Everyone else keeps grinding it out on their own.

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1. Explore

Get clear on your
sales objectives

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2. Expand

Develop leaders who
grow their people

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3. Execute

Achieve sustained
sales success

Michelle Culp

"Working with Bill Zipp transformed my career and the careers of the managers who work for me. We’ve learned how to build deep trust in the salespeople on our teams and motivate them to achieve world class results, hitting our number year after year."

— Michelle Culp, Global Vice President, SOVOS

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Here is a proven, step-by-step approach to sales leadership success.

Discover how to establish trust, provide praise, coach brilliantly, and build a winning culture. Then, multiply your success in others by hiring well and promoting wisely.

The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook has been forged in the fires of decades of sales leadership and is packed with real, proven content that will change your career forever.

Because every salesperson deserves a great sales manager