Sales Leadership

I get it. You’re great at sales, but being a great sales leader is much harder than you ever thought. The salespeople who work for you aren’t you. They aren’t motivated by the things that motivate you and they don’t sell the way you sell.

Working harder and longer to hit the number, like you’re doing right now, will burn out you and your team even more.


Motivate. Mobilize. Multiply. These are the secrets to a successful sales leadership. If you don’t learn them, you’ll experience a perpetual revenue rollercoaster, constant turnover, and career stagnation.

Better Sales Leadership:

  • Connects with the salespeople who work at your company so they trust and respect both you and your leadership team.
  • Coaches your salespeople at any every of development to master the skills they need to execute your sales process at the highest level of excellence.
  • Hires and keeps the very best sales talent, so your company becomes a place top performers want to work for and never leave.
  • Generates a consistent flow of reliable sales income, instead of the exhausting rollercoaster you’re experiencing right now.


  1. Executive Coaching: Intensive one-on-one professional development, sharply focused on the skills you or your sales managers need to master to become better leaders. Extends over the course of six, nine, or twelve months.
  2. Small Group Workshops: Leadership development for your sales management team. Fully interactive and intensely practical. Topics include coaching for success, creating a winning sales culture, attracting and retaining top talent. Offered onsite and online.
  3. Sales Manager Boot Camp: Leadership development for salespeople moving into a sales manager role. Fun, interactive online sessions with podcasts, ebooks, and practical field work. Immediately available with no time out of the field or expensive travel.
  4. Keynote Speaking: Entertaining and motivating large group presentations to kick off the sales year or spice up a special event. Limited dates available. Get on my calendar now!