The Nonprofit Board and The CEO

Nonprofit Friends,

During my executive coaching career, I’ve given back to my community by volunteering in various nonprofit organizations.

Inevitably, I ended up on the boards of these nonprofits, sitting on subcommittees and often serving as the board chairperson. Once I even became an interim CEO.

During this time, I sought to apply the principles of leadership I espouse as an executive coach in the corporate world to the challenges of the nonprofit world, making the critical adjustments needed for this unique organizational context.

I began sharing these thoughts in formal presentations to nonprofit boards and their CEO’s. The response to my outlier’s perspective has been enthusiastic. Thank you!

While I’m not ready to quit my day job (I love sales too much), here are the topics I’m available to address with your nonprofit board and CEO.

Bill Zipp, President of Leadership Link, Inc.

Five Essential Priorities for
​Nonprofit Boards and Their CEOs

Here are the five development programs I’ve created for nonprofit boards and their CEOs:

Boards that Lead: What Is Governance and How Does It Work?

Governing Board Dynamics: Becoming the Team Your Organization Needs

Iron Sharpening Iron: The Board, The CEO, and Your Strategic Plan

Bringing Out the Best in People: CEO and Staff Development

Succeeding at Succession: How to Hire Your Next CEO

These five programs are perfect for an annual retreat or board training event. The sessions are super interactive, fast-paced, and fun.

If you need any of these programs in your organization, please contact me through the form on this website. As time allows, I’m available to work with your nonprofit at a discounted rate.

Doing Good Badly...

Nonprofit organizations have an incredible potential to change the world. The problem is, most are mired in dysfunction and disorganization, with frayed relationships on the board and frustration between the board and the CEO.

Don’t do good badly!

Take the time to invest in the critical priorities outlined above and fulfill the mission you, your board, your CEO, and your nonprofit is called to fulfill in this world.