Technology, Time, Leadership, and You

EmailThe technology genie’s out of the bottle, and he’s not going back into it any time soon (if ever). And while technology has granted us many of our wishes, with those wishes come side-effects that have made our professional and personal lives more frantic.

Here are three of my most popular posts on utilizing technology as the servant it should be, not the master it has become for so many of us.

Inbound Email Mastery: Five Powerful Practices

11,680. That’s the number Barry Gill reported in the June 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review. The average worker receives 11,680 pieces of email per year.

That’s 234 pieces of email in a work week, 47 in a work day. One every 10 minutes.

Here are five proven—and powerful—practices to face the flood of email you get every day.


How to Go on a Media Diet: Five Simple Steps

Media options have exploded exponentially in the last ten years. There are literally millions of sources of information available to us online and offline.

Attempts to stay on top of even the smallest fraction of these produces waves of anxiety and days filled with distraction. We must take control of our media consumption, or, as with overeating, we will become unhealthy and ineffective.

It’s time to go on a media diet!

You won’t lose eight ugly pounds or become more attractive to the opposite sex, but you will find greater focus in your work and greater calm in your life. Here are the diet’s five steps.


You May Be Smartphone Stupid If …

It’s the technology we love to hate, but can’t live without: our smartphone.

That’s the conclusion an MIT research study reached about the personal impact of inventions in the last century. The smartphone handily beat out the alarm clock, the television, and email. Do you agree?

As amazing as our smartphones are—with apps for doing everything imaginable—I’m convinced that in many ways they’ve not made us any smarter. In a nod to Jeff Foxworthy, I offer you these five observations on smartphone addiction.


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